Saturday, October 3, 2015

October Weather

We haven't really had any cold days this fell...yet.  Then today the forecast looks like this.  And today is our small town's Riley Festival parade, my nephew's championship football game, and my oldest son's best friend's last home soccer game.  A great day to spend hours outside!  Guess it's time to break out the winter coat, ear muffs, and gloves.   Which I'm sure I put neatly away last year and will be so easy to find.  Or not!

Thursday, October 1, 2015


It's October.  We are almost done with 9 weeks of school.  Our 2 week fall break starts after school on Friday.  I cannot wait for no homework and not having to study 5th grade spelling words!  

I begged Noah to take freshmen guys choir (yes, that's what they call it) this year.  I am so glad he decided to listen to me.  They had their first concert last night, and it was amazing.  The concert lasted 2 hours!  His choir sang 4 songs, so we watched lots of other kids also.  But it was definitely worth the time.

I love to read, but have never read any of the Harry Potter books.  I decided this was going to be the year that I read Harry Potter to the twins.  It's not easy to read a book like this out loud, but I am determined to finish.  I told the boys we will watch the movie when we are done reading.

The twins are playing soccer.  They are on the same team which really helps out!  Their team is undefeated so far (a far cry from our previous soccer seasons).  It is definitely more fun when they win.

Noah is still playing league basketball.  He will have high school tryouts in November.  We are really excited to see him play at school this year.  He really didn't start playing basketball until 6th grade, so it's really fun to see him improve and develop every season.

Once school started I volunteered to work extra days when they are super busy at work.  So I've been working more hours, but still not full-time!  After thinking about it, I really haven't worked full-time (40 hours a week) since 2003.  That's 12 years of part-time.  I realize how lucky I have been to do that.  I've also realized that kids get way more expensive the older they get.  Oh to be paying for diapers and baby food again instead of sports team fees, book rental, and gigantic shoes!

I started watching Gilmore Girls because Jen Hatmaker told me to.  (She really didn't just tell me, she told her whole Twitter fan base, but I felt like she was talking specifically to me)  I'm on season two.  Our library has all seven seasons, so I've been taking lots of trips to there to check them out.

Not happening as much, except for Harry Potter.  Gilmore Girls has taken over my life.

I bought a fringe tote bag at the Walmart a few weeks ago.  I took it back this week.  I am so in love with fringe, but am afraid to actually carry the fringe.  As a mom I don't go lots of fancy places and all I can picture is the fringe getting stepped on and me freaking out.  Maybe I'll find some cute fringe footwear in my size.  Or maybe I'll never wear any fringe.  Stay tuned!

Friday, July 10, 2015

I know It's Summer When...

There are 8 bikes in the yard.

I've yelled shut the door 27 times and it's only 11 AM.

We've used My teenage son has used 75% of our data plan and the month is only half over.

I broke down and bought paper plates and cups because I just cannot handle one. more. dirty. dish.

When it's time to pack for something I just do laundry then throw the clean clothes in a Walmart bag.

I have no idea when my kids showered last.

We've been swimming that day, so that definitely counts as a shower.

Brushing teeth is optional.

Having to be anywhere before 11:00 am is painful for everyone.

When I tell my boys "it's time to wake up! if you were at school, you'd be eating lunch right now!", their response, "why do you wake us up so early every day?!?!".

The Minecraft music will be the death of me.

I've memorized the YouTube videos they think are hilarious {"I'm legally blind", "What's 9 plus 10?"}.

We are out of toilet paper. Again!

Making two 10 year old boys read for 15 minutes is torture.  Just ask them!

I thought I would save money not paying for school lunches.  Boy was I wrong.

Three meals a day morphs into one meal a day and a ton of snacking.

You see the school supplies at the front of the Walmart and do the crazy, excited, let me bow down and kiss your feet dance!!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Small Town Living

My teenage son has a bad habit of losing things!  {Especially things that have just been purchased.}  A few weeks ago he was headed to a team basketball camp with the Varsity and JV teams.  He decided he needed to upgrade his wallet.  In other words, he graduated from the canvas velcro wallet to the $12 leather wallet from the Walmart.

He headed to basketball camp with all his stuff and his new wallet with the spending money I gave him for snacks and food while traveling.  He ended up spending all the money I gave him {no surprise there}, but he came home without his wallet.  It took about 6 days to discover this fact.  So I told him to ask the coach if he could look on the bus for his wallet.  The next week, the girls basketball team rode the same buses, and I told him to text a friend of his and ask her to look for his wallet in the seat.  He decided he was way too cool to do either of my suggestions.  I told him no way was I paying for another wallet.

I thought about calling the bus department on the small chance that someone had found it and turned it in.  He thought that was a ridiculous idea.  He told me to just give up on the wallet.  This is where the part of living in a small town comes in very handy!  This Sunday at church a lady (who also happens to live in our neighborhood) flagged me down to tell me she had Noah's wallet!  One of the gals who cleaned the bus found his wallet and turned it in.  And my teenage son was smart enough to put his library card {with his name on it} in the wallet.  And the $1.27 he had left over was still in there!  The wallet was recovered today, so that's one less thing I have to look for, and one less thing to hound my teenager about.  That's a win for all of us!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

2015 is Half Over!

It's really hard to fathom that 2015 is half over!  This year has definitely gone faster than any that I can remember.  I thought I'd take the time to give a little Whole30 update.  This little blog is definitely not a diet blog, nor am I a diet expert.  I'm just sharing some things I've learned the last 6 months.

I started my first Whole30 on January 1, 2015.  In the beginning, it was hard.  Very hard!  But each day got a little easier, and I really feel like the first 30 days weren't all that bad.  I tried to take a weekend off and quickly realized how much I liked the restrictive parts of Whole30.  It gets easier to say no to food. (something I thought I'd never say)

I pretty much stuck to the Whole30 plan until after the Indy Mini Marathon.  Oddly enough, this was the first marathon that I experienced leg/calf cramps.  Around mile 12 I thought I was done for it.  I couldn't walk.  I had just passed a medical tent and thought about trying to crawl back to it.  I stopped, tried to stretch, almost cried, stretched some more, then thankfully they went away.  I don't know why I got them and haven't experienced them since then.

After the marathon, I decided to add hummus to my every day eating.  I love hummus so much, and I was so thankful to have it back in my life!  So right now I describe my diet as Whole30 plus hummus!  Also on the weekends, I take a night (sometimes two!) and have a treat.  I've tried the Arctic Zero ice creams (yuck), Halo Top ice creams (yummy), M&Ms on my popcorn (our family movie night treat), and I even had a Dairy Queen Jurassic Smash Blizzard after a co-worker raved about them (delicious).  Eating treats definitely makes me want more treats, but so far I have been able to wake up the next day and eat healthy again.  I plan to do this until my birthday when I get myself a big ol' cake and maybe eat the whole thing!  Then I think after I turn 41, I'll do another serious Whole30 with no weekend treats.  That's my plan for now.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

40 Year Old Rescued by Parents

Last week my mom sent me an email telling me I needed to write something on this blog.  She was tired of my March post.  Seriously, when was it March?  It feels like forever ago!  My husband and the twins are at church camp all this week, so she suggested I needed to write something during all my free time.  In all honesty, my "free time" was very limited, even with 3/5 of my family gone.  I still had a 14 year old to shuttle around and a 1 year old dog to take care of.  When my mother told me to blog more, she had no idea that she and my dad would come to my rescue this week.  So this post is dedicated to my mom and dad!!

So Wednesday night my son had a basketball game in Fishers, which is about 35-45 minutes from our house depending on traffic.  I had also volunteered to pick up one of my son's friends so his parents didn't have to make the trek.  {We take turns missing our kid's basketball games!}  So we get to the fieldhouse almost 20 minutes early, and I drop them off at the door and go park.  I had tucked the book I'm currently reading, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, into my purse.  So I decided to take advantage of the 20 minutes to read before I went into the game.  I sat in the car and read my book.  When it was almost time for the game to begin, I tucked the book in my purse, grabbed my water bottle, got out of the car, and shut the door.  And then something didn't feel right.  I looked down for my keys {they have a long lanyard on them so they always stick out of my purse} and didn't see them.  I looked all through my purse.  No keys.  Then I took the walk of shame to the car and sure enough they were sitting in the ignition!  I quickly checked all the doors.  They were locked.  No way I was getting in the vehicle.

What to do?  My husband is 2 hours away in the middle of nowhere at church camp.  We are 40 minutes away from the house.  And we pretty much know no one here.  And I brought another kid with us.  That's when it hits me, call your parents!!  So I try my mom's cell phone.  No answer.  I call their land line.  Yes they still have a land line, and it's the same number they have had since 1978.  Funny thing is I didn't dial it, I looked it up?!?  The number I've know for almost 37 years.  Thankfully my mom picked up the trusty phone on the second ring and heard me whimper, "Mom, I need your help!!!!"  I'm pretty sure I sounded pathetic.

So my parents drove to my house to get the spare set of keys.  She called me from the laundry room, and I tried my best to describe what the key fob looked like.  {Luckily the right one was picked}  Then they trekked to the fieldhouse.  They pulled in right as my son's game was ending.  His team lost by the way.  They had parked by my van, and my mom was dangling the keys out of her window.  Thankfully we were saved at last.  And then they offered to take us all out to dinner.  So we headed to Five Guys for some burgers and fries.  I offered to pay for their meal, but my dad insisted he buy.  What a guy.  He did mention that maybe I had planned the whole thing to get a free meal.  He knows me too well.  Wink.  Wink.

In all seriousness I am thankful for parents that go out of their way to still help their daughter out.  I'll be 41 in August, but it's nice to know I can still count on the people who have known me my whole life!  And I just may be investing in one of those magnetic key holders that attach under your vehicle.

Friday, March 13, 2015

March Updates!

Reading:  I just finished an Ann Patchett book (my first one by her), This is the Story of a Happy Marriage.  After reading this book I decided I wanted to move to Nashville and become best friends with her and also work in the bookstore she owns!  She talked a lot about her best friend Lucy Grealy in the book, so then I read Autobiography of a Face.  I just finished that book today.  Wow!  What a great book.  I will definitely look for more books by these 2 authors.

Eating:  I'm still going strong with Whole30.  I've decided to continue {at least} until May 2nd.  This is the day of the Indianapolis 500 Mini Marathon.  I'll be running jogging walking limping along to the finish line.  I signed up last year in a very weak moment when the registration price was $10 cheaper. Every year I say I'm not doing this again, so it will be interesting to see what it's like after 4 solid months of Whole30 eating.  Maybe this will be the year I love all 13.1 miles of it.

Drinking:  I'm drinking pretty much water all day.  I do have coffee in the morning and hot tea at night. But other than that it's water.

Exciting:  Megan, Garret, and baby Harley will be here in one week!  We are all so excited to see them. I'm sure Harley has changed a lot since I last saw her two months ago.  I'm looking forward to baby snuggles!

Celebrating:  Zac our dog turned 1 this week.  Some days he's lucky he made it to 1!  He celebrated his birthday by escaping from the house (I still don't know how he got out!) and taking a stroll all on his own.  He ended up at an apartment complex, and a very nice young man brought him home.  We will also be celebrating Garret and Noah's birthdays next week with my whole family.  March is an exciting month in our house.

Making:  Today I made Paleo Zuppa Tuscano soup.  I hope it's as good as it smelled while it was cooking.  I've been eating a lot of the same things every day for over two months now, so I'm trying new recipes.

Needing:  I really need new patio furniture.  All of our snow has pretty much melted, so I'm itching to go outside and read.  However, Zac chewed up every patio chair we had, and our patio table had a broken leg everything got trashed.  I'm definitely buying chew-proof chairs this time around!

Wanting:  I want to shop for spring clothes.  Really badly!!  There is a new boutique shop that opened in out little town, and I have yet to go.  They keep showing really cute shirts and dresses on Facebook. Momma needs new clothes.

Planning: My oldest is in 8th grade this year, and there is lots to do before the end of the school year.  Today we met with his high school guidance counselor and picked out his freshman classes.  How can this be?!?  I was pregnant yesterday!!  He also has his class trip to Washington DC, a visit to the high school, and the 8th grade dance.  Lots of stuff to get ready for!